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  • Most days, instead of a splash of colour, do you prefer a splash of black and white? Then these trousers with their innovative print were made for you. With a black or a white shirt, or even red for contrast, and your look is ready.* Button closure* very slim fit

  • This AIRFIELD dress comes in a shirt-plus-skirt look and is seamlessly connected via a adjustable drawstring at the waist. The artistic print with vibrant red enhances the look.* Top 97 % cotton and 3 % elastane* Drawstring waist* Flattering cut* Midi length Call us on 069-62855 for more information.

  • AIRFIELD, the fashion label for the modern and self-confident woman, stands for innovation, exceptional design and high quality. Call us on 069-62855 for more information and visit us in store to view our full collection.

  • This little jacket with its 3/4 sleeves helps itself to a realm of colour from a vibrant metropolis. White, black and strong flecks of red - the contrasts of a foreign, lively culture.* Crew neck* Press button closure* Flattering cut* Hip length Call us on 069-62855 for more information and visit us in store to view our full collection.

  • The Stripes - a graphic interpretation that brings diversity to your wardrobe and has become immortalised in this chic blazer. Teamed with a pair of navy or white trousers and the navy look is complete.* 3-button format* Stitching provides shape* Pockets on both sides* Flattering cut* Fitted* Hip length

  • These slim fit pipe trousers stand out thanks to their lengthwise stripes in the contrast colours of dark blue and white. The waist is cross-striped and has a button closure and belt loops.* Button closure* Belt loops* Slim fit* Sizing (38): Waist: 81.6 cm; side length: 92 cm; inner leg length: 69 cm; hem width: 28.5 cm

  • "Why Not" - step into a new adventure and enjoy life to the full. The shimmering accents on this white shirt will accompany you on your glorious path.* Crew neck* Overlapped shoulders* Casual cut* Hip length* Sizing (38): Bust: 100 cm; back length: 62 cm; waist: 88 cm; shoulder width: 100 cm

  • A gilet that shines with its fine features: radiant white, short sleeves, silver zipper to the collar and of course the drawstring waist, which lets you create a wonderful gathered effect - your fashion piece is ready.* Overlapped shoulders* Two-way zipper in silver* Drawstring waist* Casual cut* Hip length* Sizing (38): Bust: 101 cm; back length: 80 cm;...

  • Birds of a feather flock together. Whereas the lowest section of this chic gilet sparkles in silver grey, the rest of the padded quilted material is a radiant white. A real attention-grabber!* Hood with drawstring* Two-way zipper in silver* Casual cut* Knee length* Sizing (38): bust: 107.5 cm; waist: 104 cm; shoulder width: 122 cm; back length: 81 cm

  • Pixie is the name of this design - and this reflects the personality of the short, impish design so well. The quilted material, small stand-up collar and radiant off-white provide character!* Small stand-up collar* Two-way zipper with AIRFIELD tab* Pockets on both sides with zipper

  • This pure white shirt stands out, in particular because of its all-over print in large letters. Make a statement and combine this eye-catching top with summer shorts.* High crew neck* Slim fit* Hip length

  • Just like looking into a sky that is nothing but pastel blue - that is what your initial encounter with this quilted gilet in soft sky blue will be like. Zipper, side pockets and drawstring provide all the features you could want for.* Small stand-up collar* Two-way zipper* Pockets on both sides with zipper* Flattering cut* Hip length

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items