Dress for Success: Ela Maria’s guide to finding the perfect Mother of

Dress for Success: Ela Maria’s guide to finding the perfect Mother of the Bride/Groom outfit

Whenever it comes to your son or daughter’s wedding, you want to be sure to look and feel your best. We bring you our top tips to finding a style that suits and wearing it well for that very special occasion.

Research gets results

As a mother of the bride- or groom-to-be you are no doubt delighted with the news that there will soon be a celebration in order, but where do you start when it comes to figuring out what you want to wear? The answer is at your very fingertips! Your best bet in the dress quest is to look for fashion ideas that catch your eye, whether perusing a fashion magazine, occasion-wear websites, like www.elamaria.ie, or the latest styles to hit Instagram. Save or screenshot those glamorous ensembles that really have the wow factor, and appeal to your sense of style, and you are on your way to finding the right look for you.

Keep your style in season

Bare in mind that the date and location of the wedding – spring/summer or autumn/winter – will steer the course in fit and fabric of the outfit you choose. You might think strapless is stunning, but you don’t want to catch a chill at a winter wedding. Likewise, a high summer wedding isn’t the opportune time to wear a layered look, like a suit. If you’re not comfortably dressed to match the season, you’ll not feel your best for the occasion.

Flatter your figure

When it comes to shopping for the ideal outfit, be sure to look for the colours and styles that complement your skin tone and figure. Warm, cool and neutral skin tones cater to different colour palettes, so knowing your particular spectrum is key. Also paying attention to your unique silhouette is important: play to your best features by highlighting them through fit and flare. Not sure which colour and fit flatter your figure? Ela Maria’s professional and knowledgeable staff can explore the options best suited to you, educating you along the way.

Don’t shop until you drop

While it is crucial to leave yourself enough time to search for your wedding ensemble, it’s also important to limit the amount of boutiques you visit in your quest. If you find ‘the one’ – the outfit that looks and feels fabulous on your first appointment, happy days! It is genuinely a cause to celebrate. Don’t confuse your fashion find by adding more choices that may not be the perfect fit and add unnecessary dilemma to your final decision.

Start your search early and finish in the secure knowledge that you have found your outfit with plenty of time to spare. Ideally you should start booking appointments at salons and boutiques at least six months in advance of the wedding date. That way you will be spoiled for choice with the latest seasonal fashion newly delivered for the date of your wedding. Shop sooner rather than later or you will leave yourself unfairly limited in style choice and delivery time.

Enjoy the experience

Who doesn’t love a day shopping! Our best advice is not to book too many  appointments in a single day. On average, customers can try up to 10 different outfits on a visit, so expect to spend two hours browsing and trying on outfits. Contact Ela Maria on 069 62855 to book an appointment for our Mother of the Bride/Groom collection.

Come prepared

Stunning style is built on a solid foundation and by that we mean appropriate underwear. Make sure you come to your appointment wearing you best-fit bra and suitable pants, whether body shaper or thong. A badly fitting bra and pants will turn even the most suitable attire into a mediocre fit. If you are not confident of your fit or that you have the appropriate underwear, we advise you visit a lingerie shop and make that crucial purchase before shopping for your outfit. It makes all the difference!

Accessorise to Complete your Look 

Ela Maria has a fantastic selection of shoes, bags and accessories to complete your outfit, including bespoke head pieces by Irish milliners such as Emily-Jean and Siobhan Boyce.

Expert advice 

Ela Maria offers a stylish range of stunning fashion for the mother of the bride/groom. Let us welcome you to our singular boutique and guide you with our expertise. Whether you are looking for a style that is unique and untraditional or a classic ensemble, we are here to help you choose a selection of appealing options to try on. We encourage customers not to judge a dress by its hanger: keep an open mind to any possibility and you might discover a hidden treasure. 

Finding the perfect fit, with Ela Maria’s top fashion tips, will have you looking and feeling fabulous as the Mother of the Bride/Groom.

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