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1992. Rennes.
When she set out to design her very first scarves, Karine was immersed in the world of literature.
The Léa Clément brand was born, named after her mother. From meetings to exhibitions, the brand was polished and honed, asserting its place in the world of fashion accessories, breaking away from tradition and drawing inspiration from current trends.
Léa Clément stands out through its meticulous and consistent attention to detail as well as its premium quality and the care with which colours and fabrics are selected. Faux-furs, Furs, woven and knits come together in elegant combinations to create unique, on-trend and highly sophisticated scarves.
Léa Clément scarves boast all the prestige of French manufacturing. The 'Made in France' label is a hallmark of premium quality, and has been a part of the brand's DNA since the very beginning.
Léa Clément designs are renowned for their high quality among leading French and international distributors.
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